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One Piece I Wish it Was -Just a Dream- AMV

One Piece:

Do you love One Piece? Have you even looked at you at least once? Then you’ve come to the right place friends! Today we will surprise you. You will be happy to have us.

This is a fantastic video of one piece! It’s really worth “wasting” 4 minutes to see it! I was excited… and you? Come and see the video!

Song Name: Just a Dream by Sam Tsui and Christina Grimmie
Program used: Sony Vegas Pro 10

For all those who love the anime more beautiful than ever. This video is now dedicated to the fans of one piece. Let’s all go to the boarding. Today it’s off to an exciting new adventure in search of hidden treasure. Are you ready? Then we set off for adventure. Emotions are assured with this new movie of amazing videos and crazy.
Thank you for the support you give us. See you soon with new videos on our heroes in one piece and much more

It starts, do not stay on the ground. The ship is raising the anchor. Do not wait for anyone.

Now paste speaking, we have already said too much it’s time to watch the video. Go and good vision.